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Create a Tour Map using a KML feed

1. Register for a free account and login to the site.

2. Goto the Dashboard and click the 'Create Map' button.

3. Either enter the URL of a KML feed or upload the KML feed from your computer, then click the 'Create Map' button.

4. Your Tour Map will be created and displayed. A link labelled 'Edit Map Settings' allows you to make changes to the map's data and presentation.

Featured Maps

We are looking for maps which contain collections of places that people would want to visit as part of a holiday or day out.

Your feed may contain links to places websites but these links should not direct to third party booking websites or non-relevant content.

New maps are reviewed and maps that meet the criteria are published on the site.

As only a limited number of maps are published each day it may take a few days for your map to be published.

You can view which of your maps are featured from your Dashboard.

Create a KML feed

A KML feed is an XML file which contains placemark data. There is a full KML reference at

A number of tools are available to create and manage a KML feed. Two recommended tools are Google My Maps and Google Maps Engine Lite.

Google My Maps Quick Tutorial

Note: My Maps is a maps editing and sharing system introduced by Google in 2007. There are a number of features in My Maps which are not available in Maps Engine Lite such as being able to edit the HTML descriptions of place markers (allowing the inclusion of images and weblinks within the description text). For this reason My Maps is still our preferred map editor.

1. Visit the Google Maps Classic page at

2. Click on the 'My Places' tab on the left hand sidebar

3. Click the link labelled 'Or create with classic My Maps' which can be found on the left sidebar below the larger 'Create Map' button.

4. Use the interactive editor to add places to the My Map (see video below).

5. Click 'Save' when complete. Set sharing to either 'public' or 'unlisted'.

6. Copy the 'KML' link on the sidebar. This link can be be found above the list of placemarks in the row which contains links labelled 'Rate this map' and 'Write a comment'.

7. Use the copied KML link when creating a map for Open Tour Map.

Tutorial Video

Google Maps Engine Lite Quick Tutorial

1. Create a new map

2. Add some placemarks to the map

3. Click the 'Share button' in the top right corner. Set the map sharing to 'public'.

4. Click on the folder icon in the top left corner (next to the 'Add Layer' button). From the drop-down menu select 'Export KML'.

5. Select the 'Network Link' option if you want changes you make to the map later to be displayed in the KML feed.

6. Save the exported KML file to your computer.

Reference Video



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