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Mapping Tours Around The World
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About Open Tour Map

A New Solution for Tourism Mapping

Open Tour Map is a new platform that allows anyone to easily create an interactive map using Google’s world leading Google Maps application.

Our standard Tour Map displays place information, street view and location maps using an intuitive gallery format. Tour Maps are ideal for presenting a collection of landmarks to visitors.

View tours that other people have created or create your own Tour Map.

Open Tour Map allows you to share your map data for free on the Open Tour Map website. Using Open Tour Map you can easily upload your map data and create an interactive map for visiting tourists.

Note: If you want to create non-tourism maps please visit Map Channels which has a range of mapping tools.

The Fusion Map

Tour Maps data contributed by users are combined into a large Fusion Map. This layer can easily be integrated into other map applications to reach an even wider audience.

Open Tour Map

Maps For Your Website

Open Tour Map can provide custom mapping solutions for your specific needs. We can help you create a custom interactive map for your website that complements the style and design of your unique brand.

If you think we can help you develop your mapping needs please Contact us.

The Development Team

The Open Tour Map team consists of Rob McMahon and Keir Clarke. Both Rob and Keir are experienced online map developers with years of experience developing mapping solutions using the Google Maps API.

View some of our previous work in the Project Gallery.

Example Tour - The Place Index
Open Tour Map
Example Tour - The Place Profile with Map and Street View
Open Tour Map
Example Tour - Showing the Expanded Street View
Open Tour Map


Easily Create Your Map
Open Tour Map
Modify Your Map's Presentation Settings with a powerful control panel
Open Tour Map


The Resources Page provides concise tutorials and useful links
Open Tour Map



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